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March 31, 2022

Can you help? - I'm traveling to Romania to deliver medical supplies to Ukraine

For over 30 years, I have worked to create international peace through hostels.  While many people feel hostels are simply a cheap place to stay, I have always known they are so much more.  Hostels enable people from all nations, races, and religions to stay together under one roof in an environment that is welcoming and inclusive.  In hostels,  a smile becomes a conversation, a conversation becomes a shared meal, and a shared meal becomes the start of an international friendship.  When these new friends go back to their homes and later become participants in their countries, corporations, and communities they will be less likely to support hostile actions against the people of another country because NOW THEY HAVE FRIENDS THERE!  It may seem small but never underestimate how far the ripples of kindness and hospitality will travel in the world.

After all this work, I'm heartbroken by the war in Ukraine.  Over the years, I have hosted many wonderful friends from Ukraine at my hostel and worked with Ukrainian programmers on the tech side of hostels.  After the breakup of the USSR, the people I've met from Ukraine, (and other former Soviet republics), have been eager to show the world how much they value freedom and democracy.  They have opened their countries with kindness and hospitality and showed how much their countries have to offer the world.  

I'm committed to rebuilding the peace we have lost.  However, until there is a cessation of violence, I first feel compelled to do whatever I can to save as many lives as possible in Ukraine and ease their pain and suffering as much as possible.  

A friend of mine (Kai) is president of a non-profit humanitarian peace NGO in Romania. Kai and his team are doing tremendous work by organizing food, clothing, and medical shipments to refugees inside Ukraine.  However, Kai has told me that due to the horrific bombing of civilian targets (schools, churches, shopping centers, etc) many refugees are becoming wounded and critical medical supplies are in short supply throughout Europe.  For this reason, I'm raising money to purchase and personally deliver emergency medical supplies to Romania for further shipment into the war zone.  

I'd like to ask that you please consider donating to my GoFundMe campaign. Watch the video there to hear more about the challenges Kai and his team are facing and his call for help.  To be clear, I'm paying for 100% of my travel and living expenses, so your donation will only be used for the purchase and delivery of these emergency medical supplies.  I'll provide you with video and photo updates before, during and after my trip so you can see the impacts of your generosity.  

If you are unable to contribute financially, it would be immensely helpful if you can forward this email to as many friends and family as you can.  Or, you can share this GoFundMe link on your social networks.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.   

Thanks in advance for your support.  
Darren Overby